Fastest Way to Get Bitcoin

Posted by Bitcoin Basics

The fastest and easiest way to buy Bitcoins is by looking for sellers who accept cash deposit at Local Bitcoin.  Go to this site, create an account, log in, and go to the Buy Bitcoins online in the United States with Cash Deposit section (or to your relevant country's site), and find a seller who is asking for a cash deposit to a nearby bank.

Once you find a seller who has a price you like with a good trust rating at a nearby bank, and click on [Buy]. Then enter the dollar amount and click [Send Trade Request].  At this point, the bitcoins you are buying are deducted from the Seller's account on Local Bitcoin and placed into Escrow for 4 hours.

You will see information or receive an e-mail with the sellers' name and account number at that bank. Once you have this, go to the bank with your cash.  Get a deposit slip if needed and fill it out with the account number (some banks just have the teller take your account number verbally) and bring it to the teller.  Tell the teller you want to deposit cash into the seller's account.  Hold onto the receipt for the cash deposit from the teller as proof that you made the deposit in the unlikely case of any dispute. 
Go back to your computer / phone and mark the transaction on Local Bitcoins as [Deposit Completed].  This will automatically notify the seller that you've completed your deposit.  They will log onto their on-line banking website, and confirm that you made the deposit.  Because the trader may be accepting multiple trades at the same round dollar amount, it is a best practice to add a few cents to the deposit so that it is a unique dollar amount and less likely to be confused with other depositor's deposit.  
Typically the seller may also ask you to take a photograph of the deposit slip with the transaction ID written on it, and torn in half. Scammers have been able to get their money back from some tellers after making the deposit at some banks, and tearing the receipt in half voids it.

Note that you can only arrange these purchases when the bank is actually open, and that once you agree to a trade you need to go to the bank and deposit the cash ASAP, as you are holding up this seller from selling their Bitcoin to someone else since it is being held in escrow.
You can also arrange face to face meetings with sellers of Bitcoin to exchange cash, and use various other methods at Local Bitcoin, as well as sell Bitcoin yourself.

Lastly, ensure that you enable Two-Factor authentication (2FA) on your Local Bitcoins account using Google Authenticator or other 2FA system. Please do not make the mistake of using a Two-Factor authentication program that relies on text messages if your text messages are forwarded to your e-mail account. Further, I highly recommend setting up Two-Factor Authentication on your e-mail account associated with your Local Bitcoin account.